S2 Episode 12: The Supersized Roundtable edition

It’s another supersized edition of The Roundtable, with Dave, Andrew, Jack, and Glen on shift.

Here’s what we talked about:

0:00 – INTRO
6:40 – Lucic hit & subsequent fine
15:20 – Koskinen’s looking good
18:50 – The wild Pacific Division
20:25 – Thoughts on Evan Bouchard
26:35 – Live to tape commentary: Oshie gets kicked out of the Pens/caps game
27:43 – The new Edmonton Police chief’s connection to jr hockey
28:33 – Oilers’ November trip through the Pacific division
32:00 – What’s the ideal lineup at this point of the season? Also, comparing how the NHL & NBA deal with conditioning training and rest, and dealing with draft picks.
45:25 – Dumbest of hot takes: TSN 1260 texter suggesting trading Connor McDavid
47:50 – Yamamoto vs Puljujarvi
48:51 – Another dumb hot takes: Radio listener suggesting RNH is “the worst” player on the Oilers
50:24 – Defending Drake Cagguila, and why Oilers fans dump on their team so badly
1:07:15 – NHL coach firings & where will Quenville end up?
1:28:52 – The Ottawa Senators Uber rant video
1:38:50 – Available right wingers?
1:42:20 – Edmonton Eskimos post-mortem and other CFL talk.
1:58:05 – More fun in the NHL, please.
2:01:40 – WRAP UP

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